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Customization for when things get started

Post by Dwlr on Thu Sep 10, 2015 8:44 pm

For those who can see the admin panel the main images are the general and explore images, be sure to check advanced mode to see the names of each. Simplified mode will show you where they are displayed exactly. For your buttons if you're excluding pages i.e. not including them on the nav bar be sure to make the nav bar standalone buttons as if it is a bar there will be a gap unless you do actually include a button to a dead page, do note even a single pixel image placeholder to maintain continuity can link them to a service you are not using and considering some of those services aren't free it's best to remove those pages and simply go the button route.

Personally I'd remove:
Gallery (not free)
which means you'd not need images for these pages.

You also won't need images below "round left table" on that page, this can and usually does screw up the forum skin in some way shape or form.
All the Icons are the board activity images whether you have new messages, a topic is locked, or a topic is inactive etc, for uniformity sake and if you don't want to hassle with CSS they'll ll be the same for every topic, so you can't say use Master Chief's Head to represent a topic for Halo.It's fairly important to make sure they're all the same size as the table will stretch if even one is too large likewise the table can shrink if one is smaller than the others making the other images fall over the text on occasion. Icons for forums and boards just denote where they appear the icons for forums are on the homepage and the boards are within each topic of interest.
Those should get you started the rest can usually be left alone, but eventually customizing them will give you the little things, don't get me wrong buttons are fairly prominent, but they can cause issues if the sizes aren't monitored so they should be the last thing you put up so you can see how the forum looks with the main images.


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